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RADIARC® Sprayer is a precision, boomless, low volume application device which will apply pesticides and plant growth regulators in a uniform pattern providing excellent control of spray drift.
Its large droplet size and narrow droplet spectrum provide precise targeting with accurate, sharp edges to the spray swath.  Vehicle speeds up to 20 miles per hour can be used while applying from 5 to 100 gallons per acre.  Swath width can be adjusted from 4 feet up to 25 feet when using the pattern radius (side mounting).  Swath widths of up to 50 feet can be obtained by using the pattern diameter (front or rear mounting).
The RADIARC® uses an oscillating motion to make a uniform mechanical distribution of spray droplets at economical, low volumes, while achieving a high degree of drift control.  Droplet size is uniform across the spray swath as compared to the variable patterns of fine to coarse droplets formed by conventional nozzles.
In addition to applying spray solutions and emulsions, the sprayer is specifically designed to apply particulates, colloidal suspensions and wettable powders.  Versatility is built into the RADIARC® Sprayer.  Manipulation of vehicle speed, spray pressure, mounting height, mounting angle and number and placement of nozzles can provide a broad range of spray volume, droplet size, and swath width for most vegetation management uses.  Drift control adjuvants can be used with the RADIARC® Sprayer and it can be adapted to computer-controlled programs.