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Forestry Basal Bundle

The "Forestry Basal Equipment" promotion will help get you started those invasive plant projects you've been talking about! 

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Birchmeier Iris 15K Backpack  AT3

Birchmeier Iris 15K Backpack AT3

Birchmeier Iris 15K  (4 Gallon)  Backpack Features:
  •  Pump mechanism located outside the tank for easy access.
  • Machine balanced for comfort
  • Tank is corrosive-resistant, hard polyethylene mounted on a solid metal base.
  • Large opening with a tight fitting bayonet lid with filter.
  • Piston diameter is 1.5", giving a very good maximum working pressure of 84 PSI.
  • Spare parts on all three sizes are interchangeable.
  • Pump is easily lubricated with grease cup setup.
Price : $266.50
Low Volume Basal Wand

Low Volume Basal Wand


This 24 inch wand is available with the B&G Extenda-Ban drip-proof extension valve which is utilized for low-volume basal application and stump treatments where the shut-off valve at the tip is necessary.

Comes standard with Spraying System 5500-Y3 tip. Other tips available.

Price : $182.04
Pathfinder® II (2.5 gal. Container)

Pathfinder® II (2.5 gal. Container)


Pathfinder® II is a ready-to-use ester formulation for controlling unwanted trees through low volume basal application.

Contains 0.75 lb. Triclopyr.

Product Label    NYS Label

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Price : $127.37