New Jersey – Arborchem Online Pesticide Training

New Jersey Online Training Policy

The State of New Jersey requires the completion of one 30-minute training video and a five-question quiz to earn one unit (credit).


Core-1 Unit

Adjuvants are all additional products that are added to the spray tank outside of the pesticide. This presentation will cover how all the adjuvants play a part in the success of a spray program. Surfactants, drift control agents, defoamers, dyes, and water buffering agents will all be covered by this talk.


Application Calibrations

Cert Area 6B(ROW)-1 unit & Core- I unit

This module will cover proper application calibration. Proper calibration ensures that the proper amount of herbicide is delivered per acre to provide adequate coverage of the target plant or spray zone. This particular training will be more suited towards the indutrial bareground weed control applicator.


Herbicide Application and Control Measures For Competing Vegetation in Northeast Forests

Cert Area 2(Forestry)-1 unit, Cert Area 6B(ROW)-1 unit

This course discusses the common invasive and interfering vegetation that hinder proper forest regeneration. The course also covers all of the current herbicide application methods used in the Northeast to control these competing plants and trees. Hilighted are the herbicides that are widely used by commercial applicators and landowners.


Invasive Shrubs/Plants, Tough to Control Weeds, and Their Chemical Control in Right-of-Ways and Natural Lands

Cert Area 2(Forestry)-1 unit, 6B (ROW)-1 unit

This course reviews a number of problematic invasive shrubs, plants, and tough to control weeds. We'll cover how this plants became invasive or tough to control and lastly provide solid herbicide mixes that will control these pest plants.


Woody Vegetation Management on Rights-of-Way

Cert Area 2(Forestry)-1 unit, 6B(ROW)-1 unit

Vegetation management applications available to utility right-of-way managers today. All application methods are discussed and explained..