Spray Pattern Indicators

BULLSEYE 2 1/2 Gal
(2 per case)
Manufactured by Miliken.
A temporary blue spray pattern indicator to be mixed in water and applied with herbicides on industrial sites.
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1 Gal. Pail Manufactured by Miliken.
An oil soluble blue pattern colorant for basal applications of herbicides. Basal 55 is easily dispersed in Arborchem Basal Oil and fuel oil penetrants with mild agitation.
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BAS-OIL RED 1 pt. (12 per case)
1 gal. (4 per case)
Manufactured by Becker Underwood.
A temporary red spray pattern indicator to be mixed in oil and applied with oil soluble herbicides.
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HI-LIGHT 1 qt. (12 per case)
1 gal (4 per case)
2 1/2 gal (2 per case)

Manufactured by Becker-Underwood.
A temporary blue pattern colorant mixed in water to insure insecticide, herbicide, bareground and plant growth regulator application uniformity.

HI-LIGHT WSP 40 WSP per case
(Water Soluble Packets)

Manufactured by Becker-Underwood.
A dry flowable formulation, Hi-Light is packaged in water soluble packets. 1-4 packets per 100 gallons of water depending upon application.

HI-LIGHT TABLETS 25 tablets per container (30 containers per case)

Manufactured by Becker-Underwood.
An effervescent tablet containing a blue colorant for backpack containers.