Spray Oil Adjuvants

Manufactured by Arborchem

CLEAN CUT 2-1/2 gal. (2 per case)
15 gal.
A combination of pyto-bland grade petroleum oils plus environmentally sound non-ionic surfactants. Added to spray solutions to improve the wetting, spreading and penetrating characteristics of herbicides on undesirable weeds, grass and woody plants.
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CONQUER 2-1/2 gal. (2 per case) A methylated seed oil spray adjuvant added to foliar applications to improve penetration of herbicide. Especially beneficial with Arsenal, Plateau and Polaris herbicides.
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KINGPIN 2-1/2 gal. (2 per case) Non- aquatic. Non-Ionic Wetter/Spreader/Penetrant.  Non-Ionic organosilicone.
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