Spray Guns

Bean Co.
The Model 785A gun has the capacity of 48 gpm and up to 800 PSI. It is constructed of aluminum, stainless steel and brass for a longer life. The barrel spray control quickly adjusts from a fine spray to a solid stream. The trigger shut-off is controlled by a ball and seat. Used for foliage applications of herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides.
Made of aluminum or brass to withstand corrosion. Operating pressures range from 200 to 800 PSI and is designed with a trigger lock and tension seat at the tip for a drip-free shut-off. Pattern is adjusted as trigger is pulled back. Used for foliage application of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.
ULTRA-LOW VOLUME WAND - 24" WandsAvailable with the B & G Extenda-Ban drip-proof extension valve which is utilized for low-volume basal application and stump treatments where the shut-off valve at the tip is necessary.
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GUNJET 31Spraying
A standard high-volume wand which is utilized for conventional basal or backpack foliage, grasses and broadleaf weed applications.
Designed with a unique spray valve which accomodates 2 spray tips with different volumes and patterns:
Nozzle one (1506) is for 15 degree fan application of tall growing vegetation.
Nozzle two (4006) is for 40 degree fan application of low growing vegetation.
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A boomless spray nozzle capable of swath width ranging from 3 to 30 feet. The Boombuster is made of solid stainless steel with a replacable industrial grade nylon diffuses. Stainless steel and nylon are more wear resistant than other nozzles insuring more accurate application.
BAREGROUND APPLICATION GUNArborchemSpray gun designed for ground application with both pre-and postemergent herbicides and sub-station, tank farms, valve sites, etc. Made with Spraying Systems handle and light-weight PVC shaft, 45 degree angle, and an OC tip or Boombuster.
GUIDE RAIL APPLICATORArborchemDesigned for mounting on roadside application vehicles to apply bareground applications. *Two stainless steel off center nozzles eliminate wear. *Increase wrap around guide rail post.
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RAINDROP LAWN GUN (25660)Spraying
Made of high impact, corrosion resistant materials, nylon (black), Viton O-Rings, Packings and seat, with Stainless Steel Springs. Features: Interchangable color coded tips, trigger lock and an optional low volume extension assembly.
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A precision, boomless, low-volume application device which will apply herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators in a uniform pattern while providing excellent control of spray drift. Swath width can be adjusted from 3' to 38'. NEW -- Stainless Steel Nozzles and Stainless Steel inserts to provide greater compatibility with products and minimize clogging.
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