Drift Control Agents

Manufactured by San Ag

41-A 32 oz.
(12 per case)
A polyacrylamide polymer drift retardant additive that provides the same benefits as 38-F. However, 41-A is packaged in a dry soluble granule formulation.
  • Easy Mixing
  • Will not settle out
  • Extended shelf life
  • No residue left in container or tank
  • Lower rates
  • Lower cost per acre
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Control 1 qt.
(12 per case)
A concentrated polymer blend that increases droplet size. This lowers the evaporation rate and reduces droplet bounce off, and allows for more herbicide retention on the plant.
  • Low rate
  • 1 - 3 oz. per 100 gal.
  • Lowers off target drift by smaller droplets
  • Mixes easily
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