Arborchem Online Pesticide Training

We at Arborchem know that it is sometimes difficult to find a meeting to get the few credits you need to maintain you license requirements. The Arborchem online training courses are all 30 minutes in length and have various Core or category credits assigned to them. At the end of each training video is a quiz which you are required to take. Some states require a minimum passing grade to receive your credits (this will be listed in the state specific links at the left). Most courses are worth 1 credit for each 30 minute training video/quiz unless otherwise noted.

The cost is $25/course. You’ll have one week to complete the course in order to acquire your credit. If you do not complete in one week, you will have to re-apply for a new course.

To Participate, Please Follow The Instructions Below:

1. View the courses that are available in the state in which you wish to receive accrediation by clicking the appropriate state link at left..

2. Once on the state-specific page, select the Course you wish to take.

3. You will be prompted to pay with Paypal.

4. Provide your information including your name, date of birth, email, phone number, and Pesticide license number.

5. An email will then be generated that will provide your login information.

6. Once on the site again you can create your own unique username and password (save this for future visits to

7. Once you have logged in, go to My Training tab and you will see the course(s) you have purchased.

8. The training video and the assessment (quiz) will be listed.

9. Click training video and watch. You can pause and back up, but you can’t advance the video.

10. Once you have completed the video, click on the assessment and take the quiz.

11. Once that is completed you are all set. Your information will be sent to Arborchem and we will report to the Department of Agriculture or whoever your governing body is within your respective state.

12. If your state requires a certificate then you will receive that via email.

Thank you and enjoy the Arborchem online training experience!